Basically, we give ridiculously great education!


You've seen so much information and so many different courses that claim to make you into an instantly, viable and insurable, super star nail artist in one day. And you're still confused.


Becoming ready to unleash your new skills loose on the public takes hours of practise and, in all honesty, great education. If you promise to put the practise in, we promise to deliver you exactly that.... GREAT EDUCATION! Simple.

It's tempting to go for the cheapest and/or the fastest option, but the truth is that you can't learn much in one day. Ask any nail artist and they will tell you, pay cheap, pay twice. And it's so true.

Becoming a representative of the beauty industry and carrying out services on actual human beings comes with responsibility. We are here to make sure you understand that responsibility and that you are TRULY QUALIFIED to carry out the services you will be offering.


We make absolutely sure that you have a complete grounding in everything you learn because, as successful nail artists ourselves, WE KNOW WHAT IT TAKES TO BE SUCCESSFUL! And we want to share that with you.

What makes us so different from the other courses?


our people.

We are passionate about great education!

Our talented educators are highly skilled salon owners who have years of experience, knowledge and the understanding of what it really takes for our students to truly learn their craft. Our educators make sure that every class is a safe and fun learning environment so that you can feel comfortable and enjoy learning with us.

We also know how important it is to keep up with the latest techniques and industry standards, which is why we are constantly updating our training and our courses. When changes happen within the industry we make sure they are passed on to our students.



Longer courses + smaller class sizes = ?

Our courses are longer than most because we know you can't learn

your craft in just one day. Meaning more time is spent making sure you know everything you need to know. More time to guide and assist you. And more time to perfect your skills and techniques.

Smaller class sizes mean that we can focus on our students more closely. Our limit for beginner classes is 6 students, meaning we can give you as much one to one time as possible.



We show you every trick we know!

Time and time again we hear nail techs say "My educator didn't tell me that". 

It's our job to give you as much information as we can to make sure your skills are up to scratch when you leave our classroom, because what you learn with us you put back into our industry.

We have too much knowledge and too many skills to keep to ourselves, so we

pass on every bit of knowledge to try to ensure that you are ready and

confident to go out there and start building your business.



We are there for you at every step!

We've been there, right at the start of our careers, with so many burning questions... and no-one to speak to. It's hard when you are starting out, sometimes you just need a little help, sometimes a lot.

Through various avenues, we are here for our students for the rest of their careers. Whether it's an email, message or a chat in one of our VIP class specific closed Facebook groups, we've got your back!

Our support groups include learning materials and videos to help you while your studying or practising once you completed your course.



Tried & tested by us!

Our educators haven chosen not to be brand affiliated because there are just too many great products out there to choose from! That being said, all our educators have preferred products, tools and brands that they trust and know how to work inside and out. And knowing a product or tool well is so important when it comes to teaching our students correct techniques.


Each educator has a different beginners kit for their courses, depending on the products they have selected to work with and we've sourced some amazing products to help you start your journey.