Terms & Conditions

1. Online Payments

We have selected WorldPay and PayPal to manage the processing of payments through our website.

Both WorldPay's and PayPal's payment solutions are trusted and utilised by thousands of businesses, big and small, in nearly all parts of the world.


WorldPay's and PayPal's e-commerce solutions are secure and easy-to-use, and have enabled customers to gain access to valuable products and services over the Internet.

With WorldPay, you are provided with a variety of options for payment for Scottish Nail Academy, such as Visa, MasterCard & Amex. We also accept debit cards.

With PayPal, you are provided with the option to complete payment of goods and services with either your PayPal account or as a guest using your credit or debit card.

You will receive a confirmation of your payment on your screen after you make the payment. This will display your unique transaction number. You will also receive an email confirming the payment has been successful.

2. Booking & Education Fees

Booking fees are required on all courses and may be made by bank transfer, credit/debit card or in cash.

2.1 Where courses are more than £150 the booking fee will be charged according to each course requirement and will be deducted from the whole course cost.

2.2 Where courses are under £150 the full cost of the course will be taken as the booking fee.

Education fees are required to be paid no later than 14 days prior to course commencement. Education fees are paid directly to your educator. The educator will issue you an invoice for your education fee. If your educator has not issued you an invoice, please contact us via email info@scottishnailacademy.co.uk and we will ensure an invoice is sent to you.

3. Cancellations & Refunds

3.1 In the event of unforeseen circumstances, if WE cancel a course you have booked on you will be notified via email and telephone at the earliest possible time. We will either refund any booking fees and course payments you have made or transfer them to a future course date.

3.2 Student cancellations will only be accepted via EMAIL. Cancellations made by telephone will not be accepted.

3.3 If, within seven days of payment having been made, you wish to cancel your booking then we will refund you in full if you cancel more than 28 days prior to the course commencement date.

3.4 If you cancel anytime within 28 - 15 days prior to the course commencement date we will refund you any payment made less 50% of the booking fee.

3.5 We will not refund you if you cancel anytime within 14 days prior to course commencement.

4. Non-payment

Certificates will not be issued until the course which the certificate relates to has been paid in full.

5. Non-attendance

If you do not attend a course, and you have not previously informed us, the full course fee remains payable and no refund will be given.

6. Late arrivals/missed classes

If you arrive late for a course or are absent from any classes, we reserve the right to refuse to accept you for training if we feel you will gain insufficient knowledge or skill in the time remaining. In all such cases, the full course fee remains payable.

7. Assistance for students

It is the students responsibility to ensure that they are free from any condition which would affect their capability to undertake their chosen course, and that they have the aptitude to cope with an intensive course of study.

We welcome students with disabilities but it remains the students responsibility to inform us, via EMAIL, about any assistance they require so that we can ensure they are appropriately supported in the learning environment.

If it is felt that the student doesn't meet the learning outcomes of the course and or assessment process and is referred, they will be offered a free assessment.

Any further training or coaching over and above that provided on the course may be charged for.

8. Facebook Groups

Our Facebook Groups ​are available to students who have paid for and attended courses pertaining to each group.

Their intended use is meant for, but not limited to:

  • Technical and theoretical assistance

  •  Business support

  • Networking opportunities 

We hold no responsibility for any technical issues with respect to our Facebook groups. 

Membership of Facebook groups controlled by us is at our discretion. We will remove any members who break any of the group rules. Rules may be found in the pinned post in each group.

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