Student Conduct & Wellbeing Policy


Scottish Nail Academy (The Academy) does not discriminate on the basis of age, race, sex, sexual orientation, religion, financial status, disability, or ethnic origin in its admission, instruction, or graduation of students in any course or activity offered by the School.

You must be over 16 to attend our classes.

The Perth training room is accessible via stairs only, so please speak to us if you are concerned about ease of access. Facilities are located on the same floor


All programs and courses taught by the academy will be in English. All textbooks, learning material, correspondence, etc. will be in English.


All students must complete a personal details form prior to attending their first class. This form need only be completed once per student.

Where proof of previous qualifications are required these must be an image either uploaded via the personal details form, or emailed to


It can be disruptive to the class if you arrive late so please be early for all sessions. We ask that you do not leave the class early - your learning sessions are important to your progress. If you arrive late for a course or are absent from any classes, we reserve the right to refuse to accept you for training if we feel you will gain insufficient knowledge or skill in the time remaining. In all such cases, the full course fee remains payable.

Please contact the academy via email, if you are unable to attend class. In the event that you are unable to complete your course for any reason please let us know and we can discuss how we can help you.


It is the students responsibility to ensure that they have informed us of any condition which would affect their ability to undertake their chosen course, and that they have the aptitude to cope with an intensive course of study.

We welcome students with disabilities but it remains the students responsibility to inform us, via EMAIL, about any assistance they require so that we can ensure they are appropriately supported in the learning environment.

If it is felt that the student doesn't meet the learning outcomes of the course and or assessment process and is referred, they will be offered a free assessment.

Any further training or coaching over and above that provided on the course may be charged for.



It is important that students understand the importance of team work. Be considerate and helpful to each other, maintaining a positive, non confrontational attitude. Be supportive of your fellow students and give constructive criticism only when asked.  



Students must understand the importance of professionalism when working in a salon environment, giving advice to clients. Colleagues and clients come from diverse backgrounds and you need to work with them all in a professional and friendly manner.