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Stage 2

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18 - 22 February 2019

Kim Tu's educational programme is more than just a series of courses. It's a complete support network of like minded nail artists who have a united passion for what they do best. They rise together, work together and grow together. Together they CHANGE THE GAME!

STAGE 2 is 5 consecutive days of intense acrylic sculpting salon skills, learning from Kim Tu herself. She will guide you every step of the way with demo after demo until you are confident in each step. This is a 100% practical course with OUTSTANDING RESULTS - but you will gain so much more than practical skills!


This course is an opportunity to invest in YOURSELF, in your skills and career - to learn, to grow and to love what you do! This is the game changer that represents nail artists with a support network to help advance your career headed up by Kim herself.  

Duration: 5 days - Each day has different start & finish times depending on subject

Prerequisites: A recognised certificate in liquid and powder is required

Cost: £1600 (£600 deposit required)

In this course the BASICS you will cover are (but there is SO MUCH MORE!):

  • Back to basics sculpting

    • Acrylic manipulation

    • Form fitting

    • 1 & 2 bead applications

    • Shaping and shapes 

    • Reverse application & Smile lines

    • E-Filing for Cuticle work, rebalance & French rebalance, gel polish removal

    • Troubleshooting

  • Acrylic design

    • Marbling

    • Cutting

    • Imprinting

    • Embellishing

    • Chrome art

    • The amazing 3D acrylic techniques created by kim. 

  • Social media advertising tips and tricks

  • During the course you will gain an insight into how the brands work & the techniques they use to persuade you to buy into their products.

If you want to raise the bar on your skills and change the game, then apply for STAGE 2 today and be involved in a NAIL TECH NETWORK that benefits YOU!