Does your ombré forget to blend and your marble look like smoosh?

Do you want to push your skills a little further to be able to create some stunning designs?  

We can show how to make your ombre blend perfectly, your marble flow plus a whole load more designs that will wow your clients and make you some extra moolah at the same time!!


In your own time, and in the comfort of your own nail space, you will learn how to create stunning encapsulated designs using coloured powders along with a range of nail art accessories. L&P Design is always a great way to cut loose with your imagination and have a lot of fun doing it!

In this course you will cover:

  • Tools

  • Design Layout

  • Thin Colour Powder Application for Layering

  • How to Cap with Clear to avoid Patchiness & Bubbles

  • 5 Different Glitter Applications 

  • 2 Different Ombrés for Design - Coloured Powders & Glitters

  • 3 Different Marbling Designs

  • 3 Different Impressing Designs

  • 2 Ways with Angel Paper - Shards & Northern Lights

  • Encapsulating Lace

  • Encapsulating Mesh/Webbing

  • 2 Different Ways to Colour Block

  • Layering your designs​


At the end of this online Liquid & Powder Design course you will have created a variety of tips with acrylic designs which you can use to display for your clients and start incorporating into your acrylic nail services.

Online Liquid & Powder Design Video Course

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£25.00Sale Price
  • Important Information

    As soon as you have purchased your course you will be able to download the course information sheet. This sheet will tell you how you can access the online course and what products and tools we recommend you have to hand.


    In order for us to grant you access to the Online Liquid & Powder Course you must become a site member. This is for access purposes only. Please note that access is granted manually by us and therefore there may be a slight delay between registration and access to the course. Please email us if you have not been granted access by 9am the following day after purchase.