Unleash your inner artist! Our nail art classes will fire up your creative side,

as well as level up your artistic skills.


From painting perfectly thin fine lines to layering intricate designs within a sleek enhancement, these courses will up your creative game and unleash the designer within. Our highly talented educators will guide you at every step of the way to create a plethora of stunning designs that will wow your clients and make you money for your glitter addiction!


Perth, Glasgow

Arbroath & London

Salon Nail Art

3 days

Learn how to create fast, eye catching, salon ready designs that your clients will love. Get inspired with a hands on day of design inspo to enhance your art and top up your income. 


Perth, Glasgow

& Arbroath

Fine Lines

6 days

Learn how to master those super detailed fine lines and create beautiful, timeless nail art. We take you through all our fave techniques, products and brushes to help you create stunning designs.


Perth, Glasgow

 & London

L&P Design

1 day

This is one of the most intensive design days you will ever have! Learn everything you need to know to create perfectly beautiful, acrylic designs, layering a number of elements within a sleek, stunning nail.


Perth, Glasgow

 & London

L&P 3D Design

1 day

Want to learn how to create beautiful 3D designs? Then this class is for you. From bows to blood roses, leaves to lilies, we take you through all our tips for creating stunning designs. But be warned... 3D can be addictive!