Liquid & Powder

3d Design Class

This class concentrates on perfecting various 3D acrylic techniques including ribbons, bows, flowers and leaves. You will learn how to plan and create a variety of different designs, including Bloody Roses!​

Course Outline:

Duration: 1 Day (10am - 4pm) Certification: Certificate of Completion Cost: £120 (Incl. £25 deposit)

Where is this course held?

Locations: London & Perth

What will I learn on this course?

In this course you will cover:

  • Coloured Polymers & Their Differences
  • Design Layout
  • Creating 3d bows and ribbons
  • A variety of 3d flower techniques & designs including encapsulating and '4D'
  • How to bring your newfound techniques together to create beautiful designs
In addition to the above you will also have:
  • Access to VIP Facebook Support Group
  • Ongoing support from your educator

Are there any pre-requistes to attend this course?

Prerequisites: You must hold a recognised Acrylic Enhancements

Do I need to bring a model?

Model Required: No - you will on tips

When are classes being held?

See timetable below for more information:

What do I need to bring?

You should expect to bring your CORE kit + Design Powders + a good selection of nail art items, but don't worry... when you book you will receive a detailed email outline all kit requirements. 3D Design Brushes will be available to purchase on the day

Liquid & Powder 3D Design Class Dates